Can Caucasian men and Asian women take each other seriously?

I'm sure you have heard of Caucasian men who get taken for a ride and falling in love with Asian women, only to find out that the women want their money and nothing else. Still, there is no lack of Caucasian men who look for love in places like Pattaya. When you see the old men in their 60's with Thai women in their 40's, you might wonder why the men would choose an older, less attractive woman instead of a young, slender one. I was told that these men think that there is a higher chance that the women might be in love with them. The men prefer not to kid themselves into thinking that a young woman could be in love with him. The men might even continue give money to the woman after he returns to his home country, and arrange to meet her again after 6 months, thinking that he can continue where they left off.

In normal relationships, I would think it is possible to maintain a long-distance relationship for a period of time if both parties truly wish for it to last. But in places such as Pattaya where the women have spent their entire lives being prostitutes, and prostitution is their way of life, it is hardly possible for the woman to stop what she is doing to wait for the man to return after 6 months. She would hardly see his financial generosity as salvation from her life.

Let's consider a different situation. A Caucasian man meets an Asian woman who holds a good job, say in a country like Singapore. If she leaves her home country to live with him, can he believe that she is with him for emotional reasons not financial reasons? Can his friends and his family ever see her as a "decent" Asian woman no lesser than Caucasian women? (There are hell many white trash Caucasian men and women around!) Such Asian women make a big sacrifice when they relocate. I hope the men appreciate and treasure them for their sacrifice.


Paul said...

The funny thing is a lot of Asian women specify that they ONLY want Caucasian men and not any other race. You will have to enlighten us on why this is the case from your standpoint as a woman aside from money.

David said...


Any Asian women who enter into a relationship with a Caucasian male can establish themselves in another country. Such relationships take both people working together.

The male would have to establish the framework for introducing his Asian companion.

Over here, Asian-Caucasian marriages are common enough that Asian-Caucasian couples do not turn heads.

A caring and loving Caucasian man will value and understand the sacrifice his Asian mate has made, and make accomodations for travel to her homeland and visits from her family.

As you mentioned there are enough trashy Caucasian and Asians.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely not!

For Caucasian men, they only view women as a lump of meat with 3 holes and they use all the 3 holes. That is why USA is the HIV capital of the world.

Now you can give them a female dog, and they view it as a lump of meat with 2 holes, because the other hole can bite of their own naughty bit.

So it is better to arrange dates between dogs and Caucasian Men.

Now, I have seen parks in China with signs saying "Entry for Caucasian Men and dogs not allowed".

Anonymous said...

Caucasian men have very poor personal hygiene because they live in cold climates and bathing is a luxury.

Have we all heart the joke about Englishman's ponk spreading in lifts because they live in climates where it is too cold to bath!

The result is they have very dirty genitals, thus spreading STD, HIVs and in all western countries, there has been a consistent increase in STDs.

So Asian girls are stupid to get a Caucasian man as boy friend or FB.