Boring guy looking for fun

My friend showed me parts of her text conversation with a guy. From the very beginning she already found him boring. The responses he gives are responses I've read a hundred times from other guys: unoriginal. An auto-message generator would probably spit out the same response. E.g. when asked about whether appearance is important, he responded with "all people like beautiful things". Haven't you heard this line before?

Some guys of good character may not sound very interesting. They could be modest and not flirtatious so they could be mistaken as boring. So we ladies sometimes give such guys a chance.

He texts my friend - even when she does not respond - about what he's doing but it's mundane stuff (e.g. that he's commuting to/from work), asks her daily whether she has had her meals and whether she's at work.

But this guy claimed that he was not looking for a serious relationship but looking for "fun". Reading his messages, we're wondering: how could anyone have fun hanging out with him?

He's not handsome, not rich, not hunky, can't sweet-talk: just boring. *Yawn* Any woman who would find him fun would have to be far more boring then he is.


Anonymous said...

Could girls be even
More boring than guys?

David said...


The only reason Mr. Boring is texting your friend, is that he is a legend in his own mind.

Boring people rarely think they are boring, so they inflict themselves on others.

Why does anyone need know what I have for lunch, where I had lunch or other mundane everyday activities.

Unfortunately males females can be very boring.

Pardon me while I take my lunch break.


Anonymous said...

This is uniquely Singapore, full of "kia si" and "Kia Sue" nuts!

Paul said...

Poor looks like he is destined for a boring chinese new year ahead...haha

Anonymous said...

A'ya, there are girls looking for fun too.

To make life exciting and less boring, he should have simply started the date by asking "Do you want a good f**k" then he won't be boring any more lah.

All these kia-su kia-si people, please be more direct lah.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he should just cut the chase and spit out what he has to offer, stop wasting everyones time