Some actresses should just stick to acting

I listened briefly to a song by Anne Hathaway in her performance in Les Misérables. I turned it off and immediately felt less miserable. Did you hear any of the song or watched the movie?

I watched the musical when it was performed in Singapore about 10 years ago. It was the best musical I'd ever watched! Far better than Phantom of the Opera. I'm not interested to watch the movie because judging from 10 seconds of that one song, it's not worth watching.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is another actress who should stick to acting - a pretty actress who sings pretty terribly.

Anyone remember Zoe Tay's singing? Actually, I think her voice coach did a great job. She managed to sound decent but it's obvious she isn't cut out for singing.


David said...


I agree with you assessment of Les Mis.

The movie versions singing was only fair compared to the stage versions.

My wife and I have seen two different stage companies and the major singers were superior.

In the movie, the students revolutionaries had the best voices.


Anonymous said...

Watched the movie, can't judge cos never watched the play

Anonymous said...

The singing is absolutely crap.
That is the comment from film commentators.
Why? It is bloody actors pretending to be singers!

Anonymous said...

without 李宗盛, zoo tay in 当爱擦身而过 will be unlistenable.

Anonymous said...

David, you are sharp, seems 2 of the student revolutionaries are from the real les mis stage play