"I am in sales"

That is by far the most boring-est but most common-est answer from guys when I ask them about their profession.

In the Straits Times, there was an article about why Singaporean men and women having a hard time finding marriage partners. The guy whom they interviewed said that women get bored as soon as he tells them, "I am in sales."

Who wouldn't get bored? The answer itself shows how bored he is with his own job! Which woman will want to be stuck to that kind of boredom for the rest of their lives?

Or perhaps men say something general because they don't want to divulge too much about themselves. It does not make women curious to find out more; it makes women wonder what you have to hide!


David said...


I agree that any male who simple tells a women that he is in sales if a bore.

If a male tells another that he is in software sales for such and such company, or sales to IT security systems, or even a new car salesman, at he is actually telling a women what he does.

Fact is to many people in sales type jobs are ill suited for sales.

Likely these less than enthusiastic sales people are the ones who drone on about just being in sales.

True professional sales people are most often interesting and very informed as such people are very aware of market and economic forces that affect sales potential and factors in the market that affects client decisions.

You are right that some men are hiding something.


Anonymous said...

So the person who's a PURCHASER is "in" for the ladies?

Anonymous said...

Men in sales are not trustworthy, rather have a boring man NOT in sales rather than a boring man IN sales

Yu-Kym said...

Many people become salesmen because nobody else wants to employ them. Many sales jobs are commission-based with little or not basic pay; employers might be willing to take a chance on someone whom they wouldn't pay an hourly wage to.

Purchasers can be "ngiao". Maybe just one notch less ngiao than accountants.

Most men are not trustworthy - period! But I agree that a boring man in sales is worse than a boring man not in sales. The "in sales" guy can't even "sell" himself to a woman so what else can he possibly sell?