How to have a happy marriage

"Whenever I am asked to speak at wedding dinners, I always advise the groom to do three things: Be faithful to his wife, treat her as if they were still courting and give her all his money. The last advice does not apply in cases where the wife is a spender and not a saver," says Professor Tommy Koh. [Read more]

I couldn't agree more! Especially about the money!

I've heard many stories from my married friends. I see a pattern: the relationship tends to be strained where the couple keeps 1 bank account for shared funds and other accounts for their personal use. This method of having separate accounts is widely encouraged by counsellors so that the individuals in the marriage can have some freedom to buy whatever they wish. Men like this practice because they would be able to indulge in their expensive hobbies. Women like this practice because they think they need their own "sense of security", i.e. if the husband leaves the marriage they would still have some money.

The relationship is even more strained when the men are unable to give any money to their wife because they don't earn enough or have lost money from gambling or investments in businesses gone bad. Of course, there are women who stand by their husband but it still won't be a happy marriage.

If a woman wishes to contribute to the household expenses, she can. But the man should still give his wife all his money.

Even if the man earns enough money and pays for all the expenses, as long as he keeps the rest of his money to himself, the marriage cannot be a truly happy one.

Do any of you married guys give all your money to your wife? Or, if you are not married, will you be willing to do that?


David said...


You and the professor Koh, are quite correct. Money management issues are a big source of marital problems.

My wife and me maintain one account. I agreed that she would be the family CFO a long time ago and that has worked well for us.

For younger couples, defined as being less than 40yrs old, I suspect your readers will tell you that each has a seperate account.

I expect young singles to state that few want to share only one joint account, perhaps even no shared account. Many young couples agree on which bill(s) each partner is responsible for paying.


SC said...

if the women is not financially savvy, or manages money well, it is pointless to give all the money to her, even if she is not a spender in general.

Everything is dependent on the various factors and circumstances.

David said...


You are right and wrong.

Not all men are financially savvy.

I know far to many males who spend thier last dollar to have the latest smart phone, game system, or hottest car.

Females have to be aware of the male who is clueless when it comes to budgeting, planning and investing.

Yu-Kim, appears to be smarter about investing than most men and women.

Kudos to her for using her brain to plan for the future!


"Kind hearts are quietly kind." — Max Lucado

Anonymous said...

Oh how horrible Stinkis are, especially such dumb biased “professor” Koh.

First, the stupid prof forgot to say that the statements apply both ways, husband to wife and wife to husband.
Now it is statistically absolute rubbish to say men are all the sinners and women are angels. Women have the equal propensity t to be evil, big gamblers, drinkers, and lose all the money.

Hence why should one give all the money to the other partner and vice versa which simply create temping traps! The best thing is go DUTCH! To each his/her money, and freedom!

Yu-Kym said...
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Yu-Kym said...

David, you are wise to appoint your wife as the CFO. No wonder you have a happy marriage!

Anon, who said that statistically all men are sinners and women are angels? Going Dutch is why many Singaporean women aren't happy in their marriage.

Anonymous said...

"Going Dutch is why many Singaporean women aren't happy in their marriage. "

In lots of societies, partners do not share their money.

If Stinki women do not like it, that is why they stink!

EcoRover said...

I am a professional male with a good income and my wife handles all the money. She too is a professional with a good career, though she makes much less (welcome to gender discrimination in America). In our many years of marriage, we have fought about a few things, but not about money. We go out and travel often, sometimes I pay, sometimes my wife pays. But it doesn't matter because it all comes from the same pot.

Anonymous said...

Men should not have too much money or they will spend it on other women haha

Anonymous said...

You will die. Alone.