Fengshui for 2013

I've drawn the flying star Fengshui chart for my home. You can paste it over the floor plan for your own home - just align the sectors North over North, South over South.
2013 Fengshui
The Southwest sector where the main door is a bad sector for 2013. My sister and I will have to take good care of our health.

Our rooms, however, are good. Mine is in the secondary wealth sector and great for new beginnings. I already had a new beginning last year (new job) and it is working out well. What income boosts and new beginnings I would have this year? My sister would likely travel often this year - she already has travel plans on the horizon.

The main wealth sector is where my stove is. I should cook more often! And cooking my own food is better for my health anyway. I didn't cook as often in 2012 as I did in 2011 because there is no microwave oven in my current office (not allowed to have) for me to heat up any home-cooked food.

Overall, it seems we'll have a good year where wealth is concerned but health may suffer. I'm especially fearful of health problems. In 2011 when the "2" star was in my bedroom, I was constantly down with the flu from not sleeping well due to frequently travelling. Wood can be used to suppress the ill effects of the "2" star - we already have wooden shelves and cupboards in that sector so there's no home modification that we need to do. What's left is for us to eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly.
2012 Fengshui
2011 Fengshui