Death penalty for gang rapists

Some people say that the lack of legalised prostitution is the cause of gang rape. I think rape goes beyond wanting to satisfy one's sexual urges. There is an element of violence. Gang rape goes even further: it involves violence and a sense of community. The men would do it together like it is some sort of fun game.

While chemical castration may be an effective "cure" for (single) rapists, it will not be effective for gang rapists. It does not address urge for the social aspect of the act. I think the best way to address it is to do it as the Chinese do: death penalty for gang rapists.


David said...


I agree that legalized prostitution has little, in fact nothing in common with gang rapist.

Any gang rape is extremly violent, and as recently documented in India, very deadly for the victim.

All rape is a crime. Sexual urgers of a male does not give any male the right to violate a women against her will.

Many nations have mandatory death penalties for rapist.

That threat just might curb the urges of some males.


Anonymous said...

It is related to the quality of the population in that country.

We all know they are the world's biggest bunch of bigots, bullshitters, liars, boasters who spread their evil fingers everywhere for graft & corruption, and who boast they are the world's third largest economy even though half of the houses in the country do not even have toilets. Oh, they don't need toilets, they simply shit in open air. DO you ever wonder whey their eyes look so red?