An update on my life

Work, health, fitness
I know you haven't seen me in a while but that's not because I'd grown fat or lazy! I started a new job in April 2012. I had been so busy with work that I lost weight. I'm now 47kg. My work has stabilized now and I have time to go to exercise after work and on weekends. I'm with Fitness First (Do say hi if you see me there!).

I don't have to travel overseas for work - only within Singapore. I haven't been on a holiday since my Europe trip in June 2012. I would probably take a trip to Australia with my dad in the second half of this year.

I have good relationships with my family, colleagues and customers. This plays a big part in my level of happiness. I don't have a boyfriend yet. I hope the people I meet won't be snakes in grass :O (The Chinese zodiac year of the snake is arriving soon)

I still write freelance for Men's Health magazine: one will be in Feb 2013 issue, another in Mar 2013 and another at their website.

My cat is still alive and well as seen the picture below:

Reviewing the 2012 Fengshui for my home, energy at the main door (Southwest sector0 was poor, bringing disagreements and arguments - but thankfully not in my home. The energy in my bedroom (South sector) and Northeast sector where my stove is located were good for new job, career and wealth: these proved to be accurate.

2012 Fengshui


David said...


Good to read an update.

You look absolutely beautiful in the photo! The very image of a contemporary business women!

You improved fitness shines through!

Most anyone meeting you at a meeting will have a most favorable first impression.

Side note on Fengshui. A major media outlet reported that in major realestate markets where Asian's are purchasing properties, that the Fengshui of an entire building is being thought out when being designed.


Yu-Kym said...

Thanks David! Yes, it's true that real estate developers consider Fengshui. Some of the malls in Singapore with Fengshui features do very well even in the economic downturn.

Paul said...

Agree with David you look great in the photo...didn't know you rear cats which my friend does too...As for feng-shui, the casinos were definitely built with that in mind to ensure money only flows in and not out, and judging by their financial performance to date, it does seem to hold some truth.