It's so hard to spend money!

I have been wanting to buy a new computer as a replacement for my 5-year old computer attached to 6-year old monitor (which has a spoilt component: the capacitor is spoilt so I have to turn the monitor on and off about 20 times before it works). Only my 7200RPM harddisk drive is new (1 year old).

My computer

I was eyeing the $1289 Asus ET2220 21.5" touch-screen computer. I thought the design looks like it could last for a few years without looking dated. The screen doesn't shake when I tap it. It comes with a 3-year on-site warranty. Also, the advertisement has cats in it!

Asus ET2220

I would have preferred the Sony Tap 20 but it's not available in Singapore. If I order it online, have it shipped here through vPost and pay 7% GST, it would cost about $1400 but it is of lower specifications than the Asus.
Sony Tap 20

There was an online promotion at Courts so I finally took the plunge. I would get a $120 voucher if my purchase is over $1500. I felt it was a good deal so I topped up 2x 1TB external HDD to get to $1500.

I had trouble with completing the transaction. I couldn't create a userID with my NRIC number. For some reason, it was already in their system?? I had to use my sister's number. Then after that, my handphone wasn't working and I couldn't receive the SMS validation number. I switched my SIM to my old China phone and managed to receive the SMS. I managed to complete the transaction.

But I received a call from Courts today. They said there was no stock for the computer and they estimate that the re-stock would be in mid-February. It's ridiculous to wait 2 months for a computer and buy it at today's price!!

I cancelled the entire order. They said it would take about 3 weeks for the refund back to my credit card (they said it depends on the credit card billing cycle).

Want to buy also cannot buy!

Btw, does anyone here know whether digitizer-tablet Genius EasyPen 340 can be used as a mouse?


Anonymous said...

Can't you get it from other stores like Harvey Norman (interest-free installment available), Best Denki, Challenger, shops in Funan, etc? Unless it's an exclusive model to Courts?
I haven't used this genius before. But I have a similar thing which can be used as a mouse. The cursor will move according to your pen movement.

Yu-Kym said...

The other shops, including Courts retail store, don't have stock. I thought Courts online had stock because the availability stated on their website was "in stock". Maybe I'll just get the digitizer instead... I'm having finger strain from the use of mouse and touchpads.

David said...


I trust you will let us know which WIN 8 PC you acquire.

SG is a much smaller market, despite your proximity to the market makers in Taiwan, China and Japan.

There are so many types of computers to purchase in today's market that it must be difficult for vendors like Courts to be able to stock all the latest.

HP, Dell and Acer to name few offer some very powerful large touch screen WIN 8 PC. Anyone of which could serve you well.

Let know how your search ends!

Happy Holidays and looking forward to 2013 already!


Anonymous said...

My favorite part = want to buy also cannot 
Red kitty

Toplyth said...

Assemble you own pc. You're an engineer. You can do it.

I did mine. So much cheaper for the same specs as a branded.