Almost died from deadlifting my own bodyweight...

I was ambitious. I wanted to try deadlifting my own bodyweight. In case you don't know, a deadlift is lifting a barbell (with weights) on the ground in front of you to standing position. (Think of it as lifting a stiff, dead body).

I went to the gym on Sunday hoping there would be fewer people on a Sunday but, no, I had no reprieve from the (weights) section full of guys.

I had been adding weights bit by bit over the past month. I didn't want to injure myself by lifting too heavy too quickly. My previous 2 lifts were 3x3 of 40kg.

There were several guys there but there was enough space for me to assemble the weights. I got myself some "mirror space". Then I attached 2 15kg plates to the barbell. It was 50kg: 2kg more than my own weight of 48kg. I looked at myself in the mirror, then I looked at the weight. They looked scary compared to my body size. Maybe I'm crazy to even attempt to lift it.

Somehow I managed to do it! Yeay! It has been a long time since I felt such a strain on my muscles. After some stretching and doing other exercises, I went back to where I had left the weights. The area was now filled with many guys.

I felt kind of self-conscious this time. I didn't concentrate enough and I couldn't even lift it off the ground.

After 10 seconds of rest and using more determination and concentration, I managed to lift it again! Yeay! I've always known that weight-lifting requires a great amount of brainpower and muscle coordination in addition to muscle power but I had never experienced it until then!

"Sorry" to alarm you with the title but it I had died from deadlifting, it would be from embarrassment!

I know 50kg isn't much for most fit men but I'm not a man so it's a pretty big deal for me! Anyway, I checked the deadlift standard and I'm almost a novice. Now, if I can only find 2 1.25kg plates...



Deadlift - Adult Women
Body Weight Untrained Novice Intermediate Advanced Elite
44 25.0 47.5 50.0 80.0 105.0
48 27.5 52.5 60.0 85.0 110.0
52 30.0 55.0 62.5 90.0 115.0
56 32.5 60.0 67.5 95.0 120.0
60 35.0 62.5 72.5 100.0 125.0
67 37.5 67.5 80.0 110.0 135.0
75 40.0 72.5 85.0 117.5 145.0
82 42.5 80.0 92.5 125.0 150.0
90 45.0 87.5 97.5 130.0 160.0
90+ 50.0 90.0 105.0 137.5 165.0


Deadlift - Adult Men
Body Weight Untrained Novice Intermediate Advanced Elite
52 42.5 82.5 92.5 135.0 175.0
56 47.5 87.5 100.0 145.0 187.5
60 50.0 95.0 110.0 155.0 200.0
67 57.5 107.5 122.5 172.5 217.5
75 62.5 115.0 135.0 185.0 235.0
82 67.5 125.0 142.5 200.0 250.0
90 70.0 132.5 152.5 207.5 257.5
100 75.0 137.5 160.0 217.5 265.0
110 77.5 145.0 165.0 222.5 270.0
125 80.0 147.5 170.0 227.5 272.5
145 82.5 152.5 172.5 230.0 277.5
145+ 85.0 155.0 177.5 232.5 280.0


ourUnio said...

Take it easy Charlene when it comes to exercising. Or you can harm your body, especially the joints...

Yu-Kym said...

NOT doing weight-bearing exercises can harm the body more than doing them with the right posture and getting adequate rest after exercising. If all my exercise sessions are "take it easy", it only means I'm wasting my time.

David said...


An impressive achievement! One must assume that you are in better shape now than you have been in the past. That an accomplishment because you have always looked terrific, and now you are stronger and likely very muscle toned.

Can you post any before and after photos?

Have you noticed an increase in metabolism? Most who train regularly have increased metabolic rates and a slower base heart rate. If you base/normal heart rate is 60 beats per minute or less you are entering into an area of fitness shared with very athletic individuals.

You have always sought to live a healthy life, and now you are stronger and most likely look more attractive than ever!!


Yetrenth said...

Not only will you look better, you'll also turn smarter.

Are these amounts in the chart for reps or a 1rm?