Fold an e-heart and Singtel donates $1 to charity

I tore out the fold-a-heart sheet from the free Today newspaper. But I'm not quite into art and craft so I have no idea how to fold a heart.
Thankfully, there was a link to a page where I could "fold" an electronic heart by clicking a few buttons. This is also better for the environment. Go to to submit as many e-hearts as you wish. No donation or personal particulars are required!


Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time doing this.
All the money goes into the ministers' pockets.

David said...


I trust you can verify the accuracy of anon's comment.

Bravo to you supporting charitable giving this time of year!

Your heart is in the right place!

On another topic, my home is once again in disarray. Water damage from summer rains last July, is finally being repaired. The contractor has taken over our bedroom for three days!

Fortunately we have worked with contractor and trust him and his workers.

Still, a little sanity at home would be welcome!