Dating is a waste of time

Beginning with the end in mind: dating is a waste of time.

For people who want to have children or money from their spouse (or cash-pooling to buy things such as property or cars) dating is a means to that end.

However, for those who have no strong desire to have children and no need for anybody else's money, dating is a waste of time. (Of course many of these people still date. Perhaps they have nothing better to do and don't care if they're wasting some else's time.) And dating can be more trouble rather than pleasure: listening to boring stories, fending off sexual advances, being embarrassed in public by a badly-behaved date, finding excuses to avoid meeting that person again, etc.

I'm not saying I'll never date but what's the point of dating someone who offers nothing that I want or need?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct.

If you want sex, why not make money out of it.

Be a FL at Gaylang rather wasting time dating.

David said...


Dating has a social aspect. Some people just want the company perhaps friendship with someone from the other gender.

Younger adults might not be able to accomplish this as their hormones often overule the mind and good sense.

Peope 50 and over still enjoy sex, however compansionship, friends and having another person to talk with or share a drink with is more important.

I agree that dating just for the purpose of being out is a waste of time and effort.

You have documented recent dates with males interested on only one part of your anatomy.


Paul said...

Good point but we human beings are social animals and dating fulfills a social need in us...unless you completely rule out marriage, that is.

Paul said...

It proves what I thought that relationship is based on need had been correct all this while.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you date like this:

You: Hello. Good evening.

He: Hello.

You: OK, I want this: a house, a car, and eventually retirement fund. And maybe a child or two. Can you provide?

He: Child maybe. Car maybe. The rest you have to get yourself.

You: Waiter. Check please.