Yeah, blame it on the women again

I recently hear a comment about a situation being a difficult one because 2 women are fighting for power. The situation can be just as difficult if there are 2 men fighting for power! Men bicker and argue all the time. So which part about women fighting for power is such a big deal?? To the people who make such statements: wake it, it's all around you or do you only notice the women?

People tend to blame their lack of success in their jobs or projects on female leadership. Shouldn't these people reflect on their ability to adapt?


David said...


You got this so right. MAny men unfortunatley practice a double standard. Power disputes between males are to be expected, however some consider such events with women to be un-lady like.

The truth is men and women in professions need to be able to acknowledge when another person is as able or more able then themself.

Bickering and fighting in meetings and ruin morale and cause internatl divisions as people line up between those fighting.

The ability to adapt is underated and not used often enough!