The WORST type of taxi driver

I take taxi frequently for work nowadays. I have to admit that the "which way do you want to go?" question is irritating. I wonder which smart alec scholar came up with the idea to train taxi drivers to ask that question. I think a better one would be "do you have any preferred route?" Anyway, this is irritating but I don't think such behaviour is the worst. (I recall there was a big fuss over a foreigner who complained that taxi drivers in Singapore are the worst in the world.)

Another irritating characteristic of certain taxi drivers is: they love to talk.

I get it: they're human beings and some might enjoy human interaction, and they are also human to think that their stories and opinions are interesting... *yawn*

The next irritating type are the ones who curse and swear at other drivers on the road. What the...

Then there's the type that constantly complains about the government and the cost of taxi rental, fuel costs and how hard it is to earn money. Well, all jobs are tough and we know they are lying about not making money from driving a taxi so stop complaining already!

I recently encountered the WORST type: the type that tries to sell you stuff!
This was how it went:
< The taxi driver started out by saying that he used to hold a managerial position in a big company. He said he now has his own business in health food. Then he told me that some meal replacement and detoxification stuff from Taiwan helped him and his family to stay healthy. And at the end of the trip, he wanted to sell me stuff. I bet his boot was full of that stuff!

I have no interest in accepting any free lunches from anyone, so why would I be interested in hearing what some random taxi driver has to say or to sell and still PAY to hear it?! I think I should be entitled to a free ride if the driver attempts to sell me stuff or make me listen to his nonsense!

("His" because I've never encounter such nonsense with female drivers).


Anonymous said...

Too hard for Singki Taxi drivers to ask "do you have any preferred ROOT?"

And any Westerner will be astonished by such a question! Perhaps they may answer "Missionary" or more commonly "Up the ass".

So better to find out what "ROOT" means in English slang!

Anonymous said...

If you think that is bad, wait till you hear this. I met this guy at my friends mums wake who tried to get me interested in his business investments. And if that is not bad enough, he wasn't even my friend's friend. He was in the same tuition class as my friend's wife and he happened to meet her by chance after 20 yrs.

Few days later, he saw her name appearing in an obituary as the daughter in law and decided to turn up for the wake just so that he can network n sell me his investment plans.

I remained cordial throughout after all i was at a wake but i was really upset. When i left i sent tons of msgs to my friend complaining about this clown. Then he had to apologise to his other friend, whom he wasn't close to, who was seated with me and that clown.

Of course we laughed about it when i went back the next day. Seriously, networking at a wake of someone you barely know?