Stark naked woman spotted!

There's a woman who walks around stark naked in the woman's locker room of the gym I frequent. It may be common for women to strip and change in the locker room but this woman parades herself.

Instead of facing the locker when she's naked, she would face the walkway. She would walk around naked. She takes her time with the hair dryer. She takes a real long time to get dressed!

I heard that guys who parade themselves in the men's locker room are gays. Perhaps this woman is a lesbian - not that I care. I wish she would just cover up!

Am I too conservative or is she over the top?


David said...


Me thinks you got this one right.

Either Ms. flaunt-it-all is gay, or perhaps and exhibitionist.

One more possibility, she me think she is so HOT, she thinks that flauning her bod will make other, you for example, either envy her -(doubtful) or just give up working out and competing.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty common. Even in the steam room.