A free meal and a chance to get into my pants

Twice this year, I've had male friends who suggested that I cook for them. Why in the world would they think of it as an enticing proposition for me??

It sure is for them: they get to get for free and try to get into my pants.

There are people who love cooking or baking and love asking people to sample their food. And then there are those who cook their own food because it's just healthier and more nutritious than eating out. It's not hard to tell that I fall into the latter group.

Anyway, my answer on both occasions was No, and I also asked what I would get in return.

"A massage?" and "Appreciation" were the responses.

Are these things that I want or need?
You have the answer to my question. I thought anyone with brains would.


Paul said...

Wow you're gone for so long and back with a fury...but I guess if you are into a guy (if that ever happens) you would do both without anything in return I guess

David said...


Welcome back! Near 2 months without a word from you!!!

The men you describe are either lazy or something else, perhaps not creative.

If they are serious about wanting to get to know you, they should offer to cook for you, after finding out what your likes and dislikes. Have any males offered to cook for you? If yes did they satisfy your taste buds?

If no, please elaborate.

BTW, I trust you have noticed the silly season, aka, election time is sweeping my nation.

As if fall and much cooler and nicer temps.

Glad you are back, and waiting to read of your latest life adventures!


Red kitty said...

Where have you been? And yes seriously what are these men Thinking? Wads in it for a woman To cook for a man? I will think twice about dating such a man... If he can't even afford a meal for himself 

Anonymous said...

Have they ever said, as a token of their appreciation, "I will ensure you enjoy it to the max!"
That sure is a chance to get into your nickers.