Fast food makes you die sooner

A study was started in the 1990s involving more than 60,000 Singaporeans Chinese between 45 and 74 years old at the commencement of the study, then followed for about a decade.

Frequency of eating fast food vs odds of getting diabetes and cardiac death compared to those who seldom or don't eat fast food:

2-4 times a week: 27% more likely to get diabetes, 56% more likely to have cardiac death
4 or more times a week: 80% more likely to have cardiac death

I've been buying a McDonald's meal every week to get the glass :D I'm addicted to collecting them! (Did you notice that when you up-size the meal, the French fry packet is larger but it's not fully filled with fries?)

Read more about the study: Western fast food tied to heart risks in Asia: Study


David said...


Like most things in life. Moderation is important to minimize the influence of fast foods on ones health.

Sometimes busy schedules do not allow time enough for a healthy lunch for working people.

Travelers often have poor choices.

Occasional indulding in a fast food meal is not linked to health problems.

Good post for all to read!


laliloo said...

oh, its actually a practice that they dont fill up the larger pack. they are taught in training how to grab hold of the bigger box so that when u fill it up, it will look like its filled, but it isn't. A friend of mine shared with me, and tell me never to upsize your meal. because all you get is a larger box, and more soft drinks.... which is refillable in malaysia anyway. so i always order medium set