Women with armpit and pubic hair are sexy?

"I don't like China girls," said my guy friend.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because they don't shave."

With the China's prominent influence on the global economy, the grooming (or lack of) has rubbed off on Caucasian women. Actresses have been spotted with ungroomed armpits.

See pictures here

I recall seeing part of Edison Chen's picture collection. The women in the photos were hairy.

"I find women with unshaven pubic hair very sexy," said another guy friend. It was no wonder this other guy had a China girlfriend!


Anonymous said...

True! I will trim and leave some hair above the clitoris and shave all around the labia. My bf loves it very much and he said the pussy without hair is weird. And it is sexy to see through panty.

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember they were really hairy and I guess they never ever did any pruning or preening, too Much hair is disgusting

Anonymous said...

It's a little unfair, I feel, to point the fingers only at women from China.

I, for one, frequent massage parlors that discreetly offer sexual services (yes, so shoot me!). Majority of the 'masseuses' who attended to me were unshaved. (Mind you, they are only in their early thirties.) From my small conversations with them, I found that they are mostly Malaysian Chinese. Being in this profession, I had assumed that these women will never be caught all hairy & unkempt, with their panties down! Interestingly, I was mistaken.

Is their choice of personal grooming based on a cultural practice or is it due to some sort of standard professional practice that they all observe? It’s something I’ve always wondered but never had the courage to ask.


Anonymous said...

I personally prefer ladies to have a smooth underarm. For their private part, I don't like them with no hair or too much hair. No hair to me feels weird, while too much hair is just plain messy. (How much is too much? If you can grab a fistful, it is too much)

Handsome Girth said...

while in Italy this entire Summer, I let my pubes grow out nice and thick.
I continued to shave most of my vulva, but started letting my dark tuffs come in heavy back in March, prior to going.
I soon found out that Italian men prefer hair on a woman'S V.
I had sex with 6 different Italian guys, actually one was greek, and they all commented on my sexy cootch.
I know its far from scientific, but the Italians seem to particularly like it.
I know some of you are saying damn...6 guys?
I am a nymph, and am particularly fond of Italian men:)