Stuttgart: 4 June 2012

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For all the wonderful scenery Germany had to offer, my friends were playing cards and I was watching TV shows on my iPad on the train instead. When we were planning this trip, the original intention was to drive. But after considering the cost of car rental, petrol, narrower-than-normal roads, how many of us are good drivers (we all can drive but driving on the opposite side of the road is a different ball game), insurance, finding petrol stations and that we might get lost, we decided against driving.

It took about 3 hours by train to reach Stuttgart train station. If any of us was craving for bubble tea, we could have bought it at this bubble tea kiosk.
Stuttgart train station

Hotel Rieker Novum Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof was only a 2 min' walk from the train station. (€66 without breakfast for double room /41 for single room) The receptionist was a guy from Singapore! He was delighted to see us! I sensed that he knew we were Singaporeans from the moment we walked in.

The lift in this building was very old. I was beginning to think that everything in Germany was just old.

I expected to get a small room with a single bed for the price I paid but the room looked big and it had a queen-sized bed. The carpet in the room looked old but maybe it was just the colour. The cupboard looked newly assembled and the bathroom appeared to be newly renovated. In selecting hotels for the trip, we tried to look for the ones that were newly opened or newly renovated.

Old lift
Hotel Rieker Novum Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

Stuttgart is the home of the Porsche and Mercedes museums. Unfortunately, it was Monday so the museums were closed. Anyway, we didn't arrive that early so that museums would have been closed before we got there.

Stuttgart is just a city. Nothing fantastic. It was a stopover point for us before flying to Krakow, Poland from the Stuttgart airport. There's some shopping. My friend spent a great deal of time in H&M. I, on the other hand, got myself a kebab because I didn't eat much for lunch and bought a small victorinox knife from a shop that sold guns, knives and handcuffs. I considered buying the pink handcuffs but I figured I would have problems getting through immigration.
Artist in Stuttgart
After eating half my kebab, I had the energy to explore the city. This church ("Kirche" is German for church) was one of the places we visited. It had lovely stained glass (nothing unusual), sculptures of previous rulers. You will notice that this church has a very modern-looking ceiling. The ceiling was restored after it was destoyed in WW2.
Outside Stiftskirche
An old castle is now the home of the Landes Museum.
Outside Landes Museum, with Stiftskirche in the background
Landes Museum
Can you imagine someone climbing up into the tower?
There was a cycling event happening. There were police escorts and an ambulance with the cycling group. It looked like veteran's day because there were many old participants - but I can't find anything on Google. I also saw another street parade on the way back to the hotel. Any idea what the 4 June celebration was?
Cycling event
Schlossplatz (means "palace square") was lovely. Young cheerleaders were practising their moves on the grass, ducks were swimming in the pond and toddlers were watching the ducks.
My friends selected a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Amazing, right? Only a few days in Germany and they're already craving the Chinese food. The expensive bowl of wanton noodles was supposedly good and the all-you-can-pile-on-a-small-plate rice/meat/vegetables was supposedly too salty and didn't contain much meat. What did I think of the food? I didn't eat it because I still had half of my kebab left.

After dinner, my friends continued shopping. I'd seen the mall already and I didn't find it interesting so I returned to the hotel. We would have to get up early in the morning to get to the airport to catch the 10.30am flight to Krakow, Poland.

There was no minibar, glasses or a kettle in the room. I got some hot water (poured into my mouth-rinsing glasses) from the friendly Singaporean receptionist.

I had a restful sleep. My room was facing an inner car park - I couldn't hear the traffic.

We took a train to the airport.
Train station
It was a 1.5-hour flight on German Wing (budget airline) to get to Krakow, Poland. A ticket costs only S$122.08. Unlike Singapore's budget airlines, the pictures which lined the wall behind the check-in counters had sexy air stewardess in them: a blonde, a brunette and a red-head. I don't look like them but the pictures made me feel sexy flying budget!

We had breakfast while waiting to board. I requested for a cup of hot water (free of charge) when my friend ordered the drinks. I brought 3-in-1 tea sachets from Singapore so my morning tea was very satisfying :)) My friend bought a packet of Mozart's balls (chocolate). We were looking forward to going to Salzburg, Austria (towards the end of the trip): perhaps Mozart's balls sold there would taste even better!

Departure and landing were right on time. The flight attendants were pleasant though they didn't look as sexy as the ones in the pictures.

I know the activities for this part of the trip sound boring till 4 June. Actually it was part of the plan to take it easy and have time to sit at cafes, drink and surf the internet. We were also jet-lagged so it would be best to take it easy than to rush around only to fall sick at the start of the trip. BUT I assure you: the next parts will be great! :))
German Wings flight


David said...


Your series from your German holiday is exellent.

Almost makes me feel like I traveled with your group.

Interesting you did not like driving on the right side of the road! If I visited SG, I would likely comment on how it was to drive in the wrong side of the road.

No doubt you and your friends made the flight on German Wings more sexy.

A group of lovely Asian's amongst many Euros should have garnered all you some extra attention.

As always I appreciate photos of the lovely Yu-Kym!

I am one week away from a business trip. Down to America's south into daytime temps around 39-37C all week!

For northener that is HOT!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures but how do you pronounce this German words  I love the one w red flowers n you look lovely in the pictures
Red kitty

Anonymous said...

Bubble tea in Germany? Will never expect it there 

Anonymous said...

4 June ?

D Day Landings in Normandy, France?

Anonymous said...

Bubble Tea ? Yes, super popular in Germany. There was angry response in Taiwan when some Germans complain Taiwanese Bubble Tea is not healthy or got cancer causing materials.

pteresq said...

That's a real damn sweet looking damsel.