How women make men stupid

Women don't even need to do anything.

Merely mentioning a woman's name (he doesn't even need to know how she looks) or being told that they were being observed by a woman makes men dumb.

"Casually mentioning a female instead of a male name was sufficient to impair men’s cognitive performance," according to a study at the Radboud University Nijmegen led by psychologist Johan Karremans and lead study author Sanne Nauts.

A 2009 study by Dr Karremans, which concluded that men suffered from temporary stupidity after interacting with women.

Perhaps this is why I find many guys dumb!

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David said...


I agree that certian women and make men stupid, or correctly stated, act stupid.

The interesting part of this behaviour is that some men at any age will act like a 13 year old boy when the lady in his life is near.

In men over 30 such behaviour can be funny and sad at the same time.

If such occurs with a gf or spouse present firworks can result.

Most men grow out of this, sadly not all.

BTW, does Yu-Kym provoke such behaviour with any males?


Anonymous said...

Omg just the name? That is amazing