Christian men are men who won't stray

2 squealing women were behind me in the taxi queue.

Squealer 1: I can no longer tolerate having non-Christian boyfriends.
Squealer 2: Now that you've joined NCC (New Creation Church), you'll have no problems finding one.
Squealer 1: I'll let things happen naturally. I really like how the pastors always speak highly of their wives. This is why I prefer to find a guy who is close to God, especially nowadays when often men stray.


No problem finding a boyfriend from church but men from church don't stray?? If men from church don't like women then how can it be possible to easily find a boyfriend from church? And if men from church like women then how can it be possible that they don't stray?

There are many "happily" married Christian men who have tried to get me into bed. Some even say that they know they are sinners and they are weak. But does that stop them? No! When it comes to sex, there's NO difference between a Christian and non-Christian. Wake up!


David said...


I think you have been away from any church for too long.

Churhes can be good place to meet single Christian males. Many churches sponsor singles get togethers.

One does not have to Christian or of any particular faith to give into lust and seek out sex from a female. Such behaviour is one human-kinds oldest.

I have to differ with your last sentence. There is a difference between Christian and non-Christian men. Far more Christian men are faithful to their wife.

What is unique about being a sinner?
Every being is a sinner. We are also potential saints.

The differnece is in the choices on makes.

I chose the path of fidelity and faithfulness to my wife. I indeed know many men, and a few women, who have gone through multiple marriages. As a group these people are less happy, and less satisfied with life.

This is one topic where we will agree to disagree.


sagembru said...

Regardless of religion, it's all about a CHOICE to go against the tenets of their faith.

A judge or policeman can still CHOOSE to violate the law even though they're sworn to uphold it.

I get the impression that you've create a "BEDdable" impression.