Misleading mail from Great Eastern Life

I have an accident policy with Great Eastern Life. In the cover letter of the mail, the subject was "Enhancements to Your Personal Accident Plan". It also states "You are no covered for full benefits for high-risk sports if you are doing such sports on a leisure basis with a licensed organisation."

I was about to assume that enhancements are all good and to chuck the letter into my insurance folder. Then I decided that I should have a read first.

Upon closer inspection of all the actual amendments to the terms and condition, I realised that they also added this one which made me feel really cheated!

"Clause 4 Exclusions
"(o) Mountaineering or rock climbing, caving, pot-holing, hunting, hang-gliding, sky-diving, parachuting, winter-sports , ice-hockey, horse riding, polo-playing, scuba diving, boxing, wresting or any martial arts activity, unless such activities are engaged on a leisure basis with a licensed organization."

Before the change in the policy document, such activities are covered but with 25% or 50% reduction in benefits, depending on the activity.

The amendment is not an enhancement and should not be highlighted as one. If I see the word "amendment", I'm more likely to scrutinise the document then if I see the word "enhancement". Or maybe that it was GE's intention to mislead policy holders so that they will not bother to read it?

I bought this policy because I wanted to have coverage for those activities which they now exclude if I don't hire some licensed organisation. It's ridiculous for people to do all those activities always with licensed organisations! The premium for renewal of the policy was deducted from my bank account last month and now they're making the change!


Anonymous said...

This is another good example of you-know-who-con-you policy!

Anonymous said...

How horrible!!! Wads up w these insurers anyway
Red kitty

David said...


Amendment is insurance company speak.

Stateside, insurance companies require addtitional coverage in the form of an insurance rider if one engages in hobbies like scuba diving, hang gliding, or similar activities.

That way ones basic policy now covers the particpant. Of course one pays extra for the rider. There no alternative if one wishes to offer a family some protection in case of a fatal accident.

Great Eastern needs better writers and marketing as now they appear to be misleading policy holders.

Maybe Yu-Kum could offer them her writing expertise, for a negotiated fee.


Yu-Kym said...

I requested for a cancellation and was refunded my year's premium (from June) which I paid.