Frankfurt: 2 June 2012

It wasn't our intention to visit Frankfurt. It was, after all, only a new city that wasn't worth visiting. However, the price of the air tickets by Singapore Airlines was irresistible: S$1,273.40 economy 2-way. I even managed to pick my favourite seat beside the emergency exit door with lots of room in front of me.

Taking off and landing occurred on time. Perhaps it had something to do with Germany (where most things happen on time). We landed at 9.30pm and headed straight to the hotel, NH Frankfurt Airport hotel. There are free shuttle buses every 20 mins from Terminal 1 of Frankfurt International Airport operating between 5:00 AM and midnight. A nights' stay cost €59.25 prepaid for a double room. Breakfast would cost an additional €20 (ridiculous!). There is free wifi in public areas (30 mins' access at a time). I think the hotel is supposed to be 4-star but I rate it a 3 to 3.5.

As luck would have it, I had trouble opening my room door while my friends didn't have problems. My friend tried to help but he couldn't get the door open either. The receptionist helped me with it, without any sign of irritation. He said I'd have to use some force. He opened it, closed it and then asked me to try it myself. Yeah, I had to use a great deal of force.

I thought the rooms were supposed to be sound-proof but I could hear the planes flying overhead. The noise stopped after a while so I managed to get to sleep.

I woke up in the morning at about 5am with the sound of the first plane flying overhead. I felt very hungry. Fortunately, I brought 3-in-1 instant tea and packed a bun and a brownie from the plane.

When I drew the curtains open to view the garden, I noticed that the ventilation of the window was open! No wonder the room wasn't sound-proof and it felt cold at night!

After eating, the room phone rang at 6.40am. "Good morning. This is your wake up call for......... 6.30am." It was 10 mins late though! My friends had asked for wake up calls at 6.15am but they got theirs at 6.40am as well. Thank goodness we were all awake early due to jet lag!

The shuttle bus to the airport was full. We had to wait 20 mins for the next one. We didn't really mind because we were early. It meant we could enjoy the free wifi for the next 20 mins. We were given ridiculously long login ID's and passwords. I had to ask the accommodating receptionist to enter it for me because I just couldn't get it right.

We were in time to catch the train out of Frankfurt to Triberg, our next destination!
Bread for the Euro Cup season!

See next part of trip: Triberg


Anonymous said...

Never seen such bread before, cool! Look forward to the postings of your trip

David said...


Frankfurt can be nice city to visit.

An aquiantance works for Continental-Tevas, stateside, and visits Continental's HQ in Frankfurt a couple time each year.

The city offers some nice enticements and comfortable hotels.

It appears the previous occupant of your room left the window open.

Most often when my wife and I travel we stay at hotels near DTW, the local internatoinal airprot and a Delta Airlines hub.

Only one hotel, and under the last part of airliner landing approach path, was noisy.

Other hotels haven proven much quieter.

Look for airports where the flight crews stay, those seasoned travelers know the best hotels near any airport.

More pictures and stories please!