Are SG women ignorant?

The passenger (SG PR) seated beside me on the plane and I had a conversation about the eurozone problem, recruitment and talent in Singapore and the lack of creativity. He commented that I'm the 1st Singaporean woman he has spoken to who can engage in a conversation that does not include TV or shopping.

I asked him who those women are and how he got to know them. He said they are people he got to know from work and friends of his friends. (I'm sure there's more to that!)

I was surprised because conversations with my female friends rarely include TV or shopping. Are Singaporean women ignorant or do they just not bother to talk to guys like him?

I think the women he was referring to must be those who just want the guy to take them out for a movie so that they don't need to talk and then go shopping to buy them stuff!


David said...


Surprise, women around the world enjoy talking TV, shoes and shopping.

Nothing that new or unusual.

Consider however many women may use such topics as a means of turning men off on long airline flights or other such times.

You wanted some interesting conversation. I cannot believe that a women wanting to talk with any male that might be interesting will start with shopping or TV.

Ask a man a question like you selected, the Eurozone, the banking crisis or any international topic, and most men will start that conversation.

Then again I can talk about shoes and shopping with my wife.

She will get me to chat by asking my opinion on the BHO regime, know my general disatisfaction with the way Washington is running my country.


Anonymous said...

Years of brain washing by you-know-who-con-you has produced generations of ignorant men and women in Sillypore!

Anonymous said...

Think they do not wanna talk to him lol
Red kitty