The 3-date rule

Apparently there's a 3-date rule which men think women follow before having sex. It supposedly makes the woman feel like less "easy". However, it results in men getting impatient, e.g. attempting to get touchy on the 3rd date - or perhaps they have always been impatient? I think older guys (late 20's and above) tend to be extremely impatient. The older they are, the more impatient they get. Talk about their biological clock ticking! Be it for a serious relationship or merely a fling, surely there's no rule as to the number of dates it would take for a woman to get comfortable with him!


Anonymous said...

Gee Wiz! You must be meeting alot of old guys!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in any rule. It could happen on the first date with the right chemistry and the right woman, or it could happen on the 10th date if she really intrigues me. I wonder who sets these rules. Wikipedia?