Rooster released on Vesak Day

I was on my way to buy chicken rice when I spotted a rooster roaming the carpark. Releasing fauna (animals, fish, etc) on Vesak Day is a religious practice.

My Thai friend says that she and her family often contribute money to set animals, such as cows, free. She sometimes buys live fish from Chinese restaurants there and releases the fish elsewhere. I asked her whether people catch the cows back for re-sale to the next charitable Buddhist and whether the fish will survive at all in the habitat where they are released. Giggling, she said she had no idea!

I didn't see the rooster when I returned with my chicken rice. Perhaps it had made its way into somebody's pot already!


Anonymous said...

I saw Indians relasing rats for the worship of the rat God, and monkeys for the worship of the Monkey God on such a day.

Anonymous said...

there can never be a naked day in singapore.

Anonymous said...

Must cost alot to buy a cow to be released :-D