Not all Asian women are subservient to Caucasian men

Whenever Singaporeans see a Singaporeans woman with a Caucasian man, they assume that she worships him or is subservient to him. While they may be right most of the time, they also need to open their minds to the possibility of the Caucasian man worshipping and being subservient to the Singaporean woman.

Many Caucasian men are sexually attracted to Asian women (the men prefer Asian women to Caucasian women). Have you heard the terms "Asian mistress" and "white slave boy"? In such relationships, the Asian woman wears the pants and the Caucasian man... wears nothing!

Perhaps we aren't open-minded enough or not exposed to relationships that different are from what we have personally experienced. But we should never jump to conclusions about people's relationships and why are we being busybodies anyway??


David said...


I am befuddled, by this line of thought. Being a Caucasian man, married 23 years to an Asian women I speak from experience when I say our relationship is one of equals.

Okay I might spoil her, but that should not surpise anyone, who truly loves their partner!

One of the oldest stereotypes left on this pale blue dot is the subservient Asian women! I am presuming you and other know of such women in SG. I know several other males married to Asian women, and we truly love our wives. Not just because they are Asian, but due to who they are and relationships built over years.

The mixing of two cultures has left us with richer, more enjoyable lives, a broader perspective and apprecaition for other cultures.

Are we better people? I trust to think that I am better now than if I married into a mono-cultural relation.

Love, friendship, and respect are not bound by culture nor simple physical appearance. What one has in one's heart and mind matters much more than ones exterior appearance.


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Anonymous said...

Asian B&D Mistress are definitely NOT subservient to Caucasian men who love B & D as they need to be taught lessions in good manners, obedience and discipline.

Paul said...

I think in relationships, it is best to put aside ethnic and cultural differences cos there were many instances of successful relationships that transcend beyond boundaries.

Anonymous said...

I dated a Japanese woman for two years. She definitely was the dominant in the relationship!
People assumed because I am a white guy with an asian woman, that she is quiet & submissive....we had our disagreements, in the end though, socially & sexually she was on top!
Honestly, I loved it!

Chris Muster said...

Well i am a white guy and my last relationships have been all with Asian Women and they were always the dominant one. Meanwhile i am even married to a Chinese/Malaysian Woman, and we live in a real Femdom relationship.
I have to add though that she is a bit older than me (28 to 32) too and has a way higher paid job. So even though i am way taller than her, people who know us clearly know who is the boss!

So well for me it feels very natural, because on the one side Women over take men more and more in education and career wise and on the other side Asia is leaving Europe and the US behind in a similar way. You could say this makes the setup of Asian Domme with white sub quite logical!;P