Living in a small apartment is living "almost inhuman"

According to a report, CapitaLand Ltd. (CAPL) Chief Executive Officer Liew Mun Leong said, “I am dead against shoebox developments. “It’s almost inhuman, it’s not good for the welfare of the family to feel that constrained.”

According to this report and another one, Liew grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with nine people and often slept along the corridor. [Report: 2 S'poreans among Asia's top biz leaders]

Quite the snob, isn't he?

He didn't ask his parents why they lived a 1-bedroom apartment? Would he rather they do the "humane" thing to abort him when he was a foetus rather than make him live "inhumanly" in such a small apartment (since he mentioned he is "dead against" it)? A great example of a man who has no gratitude towards his parents and looks down on his own past! Who doesn't want to live in a big house if they could afford it? Should there be a law restricting the number of children couples can have according to the size of their homes? Ridiculous and self-serving remarks from one of "Asia's top biz leaders"!


David said...


You ask some serious questions.

Some would say abortion is humane.
(however I still cannot understand how infantacide, aka murdering the unborn) is considered humane!)

The PRC vigorously enforces a ONE child per couple policy.

Would I like to live in a bigger home!

Absolutley I would.

Can I afford a bigger home? No.

One can dream.

I for one trust that someday, common sense and humanity, as opposed to lack of sense and psycho-social babble is all most progressive and green extermist can offer when suggesting limits to human family size and making abortion mandatory in many cases.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't get the same reaction as you did, that he is disrespecting his roots. On the contrary, I think he was speaking from his own experience of hardship, and would therefore wish to prevent the same suffering in today's families?


Anonymous said...

I like the part where you pointed out inhumane and " dead against it " ROFL no wonder "crapland" price keeps falling? Perhaps when he leaves crapland, they will start building shoebox apartments and the price will finally climb up :-D. ( and overtake keppel land )

Leo said...


Hopefully this CEO guy is speaking up to discourage any of his Greed-orientated managers (there are many in such organisations) from contemplating such "homes".

I think any organisation with SG Government participation will always have 'good-for-nothing' apple-polishers or worse; PAP party worshipers who are nothing but fair-weather supporters.

I had the pleasure of suing Capitaland for defects in a Condo project. The lawsuit had to be highlighted in their proposal for a Casino Project -for which they deservedly lost. Trust me, their staff are the worse in humankind you can find anywhere on Earth.

These folks make you puke !