"It's so hard to drive my Porche!"

"It's so hard to drive my Porche!" my friend complained. Wow, that's a problem I would like to have!

We all know about the tragic end to the life of the Ferrari driver in addition to the lives he took with him. It must have been hard to drive a Ferrari.

Lamborghini's are hard to drive too. I couldn't stop laughing after watching this video:


David said...


An LOL moment truly!!

Owning exoctic cars is most often for bragging rights. Your friend's Porche must have cost more than $300,000.00 SGD, what with fees, taxes and other cost. Driving high performance cars needs a driver willing to learn how to drive above and beyond the skill level of the average driver, Most companies that make such cars do offer driver enhancement programs, all your friend need to do is schedule a trip to Germany to learn how to best drive his Porche.

Send him here: www.porschedriving.com/sports-driving.aspx

His opinion of driving a sports car will change.

As for me, I will stick with my Ford Escape.


Anonymous said...

How did he end up right smack in the middle of 2 cars? Unbelievable!

Red kitty