How I shrank my money

I felt "sad" to see my stack of SG$50 notes shrink to a few pieces of notes.

SGD1.601 -> EUR1

It's a good time to go to Europe though - when the exchange rate is at historical lows. The last time I was in Europe, the rate was SGD2 -> EUR1. Low or not, I think I'm going to feel like a poor tourist on a tight budget. Everything is going to be expensive except maybe for beer which I don't drink anyway!

Here's what became of SGD3,000:


gruntpartystyle said...

Good luck finding shops where you can pay with the 500€ bill. Often they don't take them. You should exchange them for the green 100€ bills. The yellow 200 ones aren't welcome in many shops, too.

Yohan said...


I'm surprised that you have a stack of 500€ notes. I remember for the longer time that a lot of shops don't accept them or anything above 50€. There was some scam involving high value bank notes a few years back so they stopped accepting them. Well it may have changed since I left 3 years ago ;)


-- Yohan

Yu-Kym said...

The money changer didn't have small notes. I'll use them to pay for hotel (combined with my friends who are paying cash).

Yohan, which country did you go to?

David said...

Yu- Kym,
I trust you are enjoying Europe.

The exchange rates do seem to indicate that travel to the Euro zone should be a good deal, however prices in Europe are very high eliminating the exchange advantage.

Looking forward to your travel follow up.


doublexuan said...

Look at the bright side, at least Euros are better than Pounds!

David said...

doublexuan, I have my doubts about the Euro longterm.

The nations with bank and debt problems are testing the economic Euro zone union.

If Greece leave the Euro zone, or the Germans and French do not loan money to Spainish banks, the entire euro zone might go over an economic cliff that will drag Asia and the America's into a long recession.

Perhaps Yu-Kym can offer the world her vision for dealing with the Euro-Zone.


Anonymous said...

That's all you got for SGD $3k? Have fun! :-D and look forward to your cool pictures of Europe soon
Red kitty

doublexuan said...

Haha David, I wasn't thinking too in depth about it. All I know was that I was so relieved when I dropped by to Paris for a few days from London some months back, since London can be quite a rip off in my eyes. I hope the currency isn't in such a bad shape yet while Yu-Kym is there! (Im horrible at keeping track with the news)

Anonymous said...

Dear xuan2
Europe is really expensive and a meal could cost from $10 SGD onwards? How much does a meal cost in Britain?