Can wear shorts means no stress

I was on my way down in the lift for my evening jog when a woman stepped into the lift. She suddenly exclaimed, "Ah!" then turned to me and said, "I forgot to bring my umbrella, now I have to go all the way up to take it! I'm very stressed!!!" She glared at my bare legs and continued, "You, young, people where got any stress? Can wear so short for banglah to see and rape!"

I kept quiet while I was still in the lift. The moment I stepped out, I said to her, "Siao!"

Of course, she had something else to say in response to that - not that I hanged around to listen!

What has the length of my shorts got to do with her stress level?!


Anonymous said...

She saw your hot pants and that stressed her up when she realised she simply doesn't have the lovely legs that goes with hot pants!

David said...


Singapore's media, and elderly seem to have an obsession with shorts. Unless you were very cheeky in those shorts, the women was making rude and undeserved comments.

During a return flight from Phoenix, after visiting the Grand Canyon, many women were wearing shorts, some very SHORT, and I was surprised by how much thigh was visible during the flight home. So many young women in mini-skirts while flying.

Wearing shorts, or a tiny bikini for that matter is not an invitation for anyone to rape a women.

The world know's that you have lovely legs. How much of them you show, is up to you, and no one else.


Anonymous said...

I think it's the hot weather that makes you wear shorts, frankly I will not be wearing jeans in such weather