Teenage prostitute may be richer than you!

As a distraction from the multiple instances of MRT breakdowns, we have this sensational prostitution case with many 44 men being charged for sex with an under-aged prostitute. After the public had seen the pictures of the men [Names, pictures and vids of the men], they had to see the pictures of the prostitute. Not that I mean anything by using the word "prostitute" but I believe I should call a spade a spade or in this case, a prostitute a prostitute. If you'd not already seen her pictures, her alleged photos are [here]. If she charged 1K per customer, she would have made 44K collected 22K assuming 50% of her earnings went to the pimp. And this is only assuming there were 44 customers and each of them having sex with her once only. In reality, she might have collected much more. Many Singaporeans don't even have that much spare cash!


CBS said...

Her entrepreneurial skills are amazing. Just look at her clientele!

Anonymous said...

The clientele of other prostitutes could be no less impressive. And we would never know. Unfortunately for our horny power players, this one just happened to be underage.