Secret Lives

In a previous post, What would you do if you partner is a closet slut, I wrote about the reaction from a woman who found out that her boyfriend is a "slut" to his secret online master.

You think you know someone but then you find out what they'd been secretly doing behind your back.

The 17-year-old prostitute (she's now 19 years old) has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend insists that it is a misunderstanding and she was never prostitute. [read more]

Would you believe rumours about your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse?

There are people who would never believe that their loved ones will ever do anything wrong. And there are others who are always suspicious. Which type are you?

I don't constantly think about whether someone is lying to me. I think I'm more often the "suspect" than the "policewoman". There are some strange people out there who would think that their own family or partner is "bad" and most likely guilty. E.g. I had a ex-boyfriend who accused me of lying about the reason for not picking up the phone when he called. With that, I was reminded why he was my EX!

In our culture, it's difficult to accept an ex-prostitute as a partner or spouse. In some others, it is not unthinkable.

I feel sorry for the girl if it really was a misunderstanding or merely a rumour. But if it was indeed her, I won't feel sorry for her at all because she has to reap what she sow.


Savahn said...

It is definitely true that our culture discriminates against current or former prostitutes. Personally, so long as that is her "past", I can live with that.

If there were such a rumour, I would confront my partner in a mature and non-judgemental discussion. It is important for me that my partner is truthful and honest. If she can show me these two traits, I can accept just about any baggage she has. This is the third and better option.

Trying to defend your partner without the facts or discriminate against your partner without reason does not make very much sense, IMO. And doesn't help anyone.

Anonymous said...

In some cultures and countries (I shall not mention which country) it is "acceptable" that most girls were once prostitutes 'Cos that's the only way they can earn a living since it is a third world country