Jakarta: 13 - 14 December 2011

I stayed in Jakarta for a night on my way to Bogor, Indonesia (I will write about Bogor in a separate post).

I took a taxi from the hotel to Central Park Jakarta. The taxi had to make a U-turn about 3km away in order to get to the hotel. While 3km doesn't sound too far, it took more than half an hour to do the U-turn because of the notoriously heavy traffic.

The Central Park area is new. There's a mall connected to the newly opened Pullman Central Park Jakarta hotel. It was Christmas season so the mall was decorated with Christmas lights.

Money changer is located in the basement down this walkway

There are many restaurants in the mall

Some have corny names

Looks gourmet to me!

I was amused by the text on this cup but I found it too expensive to buy (SGD14/USD11)

How many times have you seen a souvenir and thought: I MUST have it! I was amused by the text on this cup but I found it too expensive to buy (SGD14/USD11) so I took a picture instead. In most cases, taking a picture of an interesting souvenir is enough for me.

It's not only the Chinese and Thais who copy popular goods and products. The Indonesians do it too - even with bread. Other than the name, the shop, the display, trays, packaging, etc look the same as the Singapore brand Breadtalk.

Copycat Breadtalk bakery

Copycat Breadtalk bakery

Copycat Breadtalk bakery

Copycat Breadtalk bakery

The hotel is the one in front. The 3 tall towers behind belong to a condominium. When I checked in, they offered me a smoking room. They said there was no smell and the rooms are new. Unfortunately, there was a smell... I had to wait more than an hour for a room to be ready. I had to take my conference call in the hotel lobby!

The corridor and the bathroom looked rather industrial. The bathroom tiles and walls had a slightly dirty look. Initially I thought it wasn't cleaned properly. There's a rain shower in the shower compartment in the middle of the room. Such open concept bathrooms won't be suitable for twin sharing unless you don't mind someone watching you shower or take a poop.


View from Pullman rooftop garden



Shower compartment

Papa bear's bed was comfortable. As you can see from the picture below, it is very high! I placed my large size cabin bag beside it to provide a comparison. I only managed to get a room with twin beds (it's cheaper than a room with queen size bed). I had climb onto the bed and be careful not to fall off the bed!

The sound-proofing of the room was good enough. I was not awakened by morning prayer.

Pullman hotel room

Tall beds for papa bear

The decorative item at the breakfast area was half a Christmas decoration and half a Lunar New Year decoration.

Pullman restaurant

I had a light breakfast because I had to head to Bogor for a meeting.

My breakfast at Pullman


David said...


The hotel looks nice from the outside.

The room as pictured is an interesting mix of elements.

You mention Papa bear, is he a travel companion or co-worker?

No company here would ask a women to share a hotel room with a male co-worker.

Now I look forward to your business trips for your new employer.


Anonymous said...

I did a double take when I read "I took a taxi from the hotel to Central Park..."

For a split second I thought Yu-Kym took a cab to Central Park in New York in the wee hours of the nite. lol

I am glad that some sense had got into her when the most risky thing that she undertook during this trip was the high bed where she had to carefully "climb" onto and so as not to risk a dangerous "fall". lol

So cute this girl!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

I meant Papa Bear from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!

Anonymous said...


I think she accidentally let slip about Papa Bear. And you so quickly caught on to it. lol She has indeed have someone with her on her travels. How else can you explain her bravado?

So Yu-Kym, who is this Papa Bear you mention? Is he the kind of guy you've always wanted? He must be to be able to travel with you right? Papa Bear must be helluva alpha male to be able to win your heart!

curious cat