Freelancing: Through a pimp or go solo?

There were several comments posted on my Facebook page following my post yesterday about the teenage prostitute. One of them was:

"If really want to become a FL, best is to do it solo. All the money you make you get to keep all into your own pocket, without giving any cent to the pimp."

Recent reports in the newspapers state that many girls and women "freelance" as social escorts i.e. prostitutes and sugarbabes i.e. hired for regular sex with married men.

Though it may seem more lucrative to go solo in "freelancing" because there isn't a middle man who takes a cut of the fee, some girls fail to get paid after delivering the service. My friend sent me this article published in the local newspapers.

A man who drives a BMW 5-series got 2 girls into bed and molested the third has been prowling the Internet in search of girls to cheat. The girl who was molested reported the case to the police. So the man is wanted for molest. According to the girls, he's between 35 and 40 years old and claims to be a business owner. For some reason, none of them recorded his car licence plate number. Perhaps his car was too shiny and blinded them. He claimed that he wasn't looking for a one-off but for a sugarbabe for regular sex. He said he was willing to offer the girl an allowance of $x per month but he would only have the cash at the end of the month.

The girls are not innocent, obviously. The 2 who had sex with him with the expectation of getting paid. Too bad they didn't. The girls spoke with the reporter because they suspect that there must be other girls out there who got cheated or could get cheated. They hope to stop the guy.

This is the alleged picture of the man with his eyes blanked out (to protect myself legally from being sued if it's not his picture). One look at his picture and I know that he isn't that rich. How do I know that? I'll tell you in my next post.


Galvestini said...

Is that Uncle Teoh...

Anonymous said...

If one would post the man's pic, the same should be done for the girls involved. They went out intending to trade their bodies for cash, just as the man went out to partake young nubile bodies while maximizing his dollar. The difference? The girls were stupid.

He didn't pull an elaborate scam. If you sell something and the customer says he'll get the money tomorrow and would pay you the next day, would you give him the goods anyway? A total stranger you met online, one you had no business knowing? I wouldn't. Any self-respecting human capable of coherent thought wouldn't. But they did.

They were greedy. They were desperate. They were careless. Yeah, he cheated, but they weren't functioning at normal human intelligence either.

But of course, in this society, the men are all at fault, and the women no matter what should be protected and cared for. Which would explain the whole farce in that underage prostitute scandal a few years ago.