Buy a shoebox apartment if you want an active sex life

There has been much talk about how shoebox units, defined as those 500 sq ft or less, do not provide good quality of life as compared to larger apartments.

If sex life is any part of what we define as "quality of life", I think the availability of shoebox apartments improves sex life.

I wrote about Singaporeans having no place to have sex in my post Want More Sex?. Most singles live with parents. If they had their own place, there would be more opportunities for sex.

But by the time they are old enough (at least 35 old) to qualify to buy a government-subsidied 750 sq ft 2-bedroom apartment priced from 350K for a unit in the suburbs, which by the way will be at least 5 years' old but more likely to be 20 years' old, they might have lost their sex appeal... and sex drive.

New shoebox units (private, not government-owned) in the suburbs are priced from 400K. Anyone from age 21 qualify to buy one (if they have the money). Larger private apartments are larger therefore they cost more (at least 650K). The shoebox units are more affordable for singles who can't afford to pay 650K+ for an apartment.

Even for married couples, buying a shoebox unit is a step towards a better sex life. Some "experts" say that couples will not want to have children if they lived in such small apartments. They are right. That's precisely why couples will have better sex lives!


Anonymous said...

You may be right about active sex life Yu-Kym but u didnt advise your bloggers about the consequences of active shoebox sex.

Probably after the convenient and hopefully frequent sex in the shoebox, they will have children sooner than later. Then they will start cursing that the shoebox is too small.

Active sex life is not the only issue. When one does anything (buying shoebox and having sex included), one must think a few more steps down the road. Or else....

To me your article is the worst ever advice one can give to couples, married or otherwise.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

My "advice" is for what I wrote in the title, i.e. for an active sex life.

Anonymous said...

Yes exactly, a brilliant worst ever advice to buy a shoebox in order to have sex! lol

curious cat

David said...


Hong Kong recently asked it's citizen's to be more romantic and sexaully active.

It appears that Hong Kong's residents are more shy than SGs.

Note to CC: Hong Kong has an oversupply of available women, there is a shortage of eligible men!

Go for it...


Anonymous said...


You mean woo them, bring them over from their shoeboxes to our shoeboxes and make active love like what Yu-Kym suggest?

I dont think Hongkong women want more of the same.

You have been trying to matchmake me...thanks very much....but where does it get me so far? Can you try better?


curious cat

Anonymous said...


Kym is talking about an active Sex life, to aid in reproducing and growing the population, STUPID

Why don't YOU write a better article instead

Anonymous said...


Who is the stupid one who cant appreciate different points of view? lol

I am doing a critique on her blog articles. I dont have to write one, STUPIG! lol

Gosh...why am i dropping to your low level? Gotta refrain fm following your behaviour.

You must be Papa Bear! gotcha...finally out of the woods.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

hmm... can hv an active sex life and an asset that won't depreciate bravo

Anonymous said...

The children will depreciate your life unless you can earn more than enough to satisfy their needs and also satisfy yours.

If not, then you have to sacrifice your life or lower your standard of living for the sake of the children and duped yourself to think that your life is perfectly happy sacrificing for your children.

For some, this is true. But I say its bull....but to each his own if one is so-called happy. But sacrifice is never 100% true happiness. Otherwise its not called a sacrifice!

When one can only earn enough to buy a shoebox apartment, whatever that little puny asset can appreciate will take years or too long. And on top of that, by the time you liquidate the asset, it will be all distributed amongst your children so much so that it comes to very little in each share. And you are dead and gone to even enjoy any of the so called asset appreciation.

Shoebox active sex and asset appreciation benefits! Wishful thinking by many!

curious cat

David said...


Do I detect a little bit of cyncism towards children! ! !

Objurgation on tope of cynsism!

Such ideas that equate pro-creating children in an act of profound love, with being a sacrifice is understandable.

See such self-sacrifice as an unworthy pursuit shows a rather disturbing character trait.

Children are one of the reasons for a family. Me thinks if CC takes a measured look around and back into his own history, he is part of a family.

Whether is a functional member of that family is unclear.

If one wants to truly start a revolution whose end result might spin out of control, then go forward and promote the end of traditional families.

Most if not all Asian nations, including Singapore are reproducing childres at less than the death rate. IOW, during the next few decades Asian nations will experience an increasingly rapid population decline, where the older population with out number younger members.

Be careful what you work and wish for.


Right is right, even if everyone is against it; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.

-- William Penn

Anonymous said...


You may be right about this character trait of mine towards the issue of children. But these traditional values are not my thing. I am a bit unorthodox in certain things.

I am also more the selfish type where it comes to children. My life comes first before all else after fulfilling my responsibilities to my parents and siblings.

I live for today and mainly for myself. I dont quite much care about the future if it doesnt concern me when I am dead and gone. I dont believe in after life or being reborn back on earth or anywhere else.

I dont care a damn about traditions if it doesnt suit me. Terrible isnt it? lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...


No matter what u think tradition played a role in transforming u into who / what u are right now.

Unless u belong to the group of living individuals who walk on all fours.

U did mention fulfilling ur responsibilities to ur parents and siblings.

Meaning somewhere in u is a traditional person trying to force change yourself into something else ... perhaps bcos of a painful past experience?

Just let it go ... Give it time and it will go away...

God Bless U CC!


Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I need actually.

@curious cat
I think she assumes that people who follow her blog have sufficient common sense to not ejaculate inside or at least use a condom if they weren't intending to get a baby. If all else fails, aim for her face or in her mouth. First it looks a lot better, 2 it's sort of foolproof since they're at opposite ends of the body. Those days when people believed one could get pregnant by holding hands are long over sir.

Some common sense will serve you well.