TV Zombies

The lifts in my office building already had small TV screens in the lifts display advertisements. To my absolute horror, somebody had a bright idea to play Channel New Asia in the lifts instead!

I haven't learned one good thing while taking those lifts in the past month. All I hear is noise! Can't I have one more minute of silence before starting work, or a minute of mental relaxation before going for lunch? Where can I go to escape the TV?

Sometimes when I feel like having a cup of tea or coffee, I go to a coffee shop, buy a cup and take a seat. Then I realise... there is TV! All I wanted to do was sip my drink and admire the trees, birds and if I'm lucky squirrels and lizards scaling the trees.

Thank goodness TV mobile and the one which was installed in trains no longer exists!
There are TV's everywhere and people are asking where's the creativity in Singaporeans? Creativity doesn't come from watching TV - definitely not from those programs that they screen here!

If the first thing you do when you reach home or your hotel room is turn on the TV, or lend your attention to what's on TV in the lifts and MRT stations, you might just be a TV zombie!


CBS said...

They should have piped in sounds of nature: chirping birds, the roar of ocean waves, sounds of the forests.

David said...


With mobile apps for streaming tv content, on has to wonder, where can you go without the pervasivie non-sense that is on the tube all day.

Endless sporting events, fashion nothingness and the 24 hour news cycle can be mind numbing.

TV zombies often do exist day to day waiting for the next episode of fiction or canned version of reality on the so called reality shows that always seem to featrue beautiful and attractive young people.

That does nothing for me. I can live with my age, so shows that show everything through a young person world view means little to me, and my POV on what constitutes beauty does not match the shallow definition of beauty that tv shows push on us.


Anonymous said...

We see here the selfishness of ppl and in this case especially Yu-Kym's on the wide availability of the tube. Just because they only see the negativity of some things towards themselves, they ignore everything and everyone else. You have many hours of quiet before you leave home, you still demand quiet after. Tsk Tsk! Get real!

As with all things in this world, I say others have their preferences and I for one dont mind CNA in the lifts, tvs in buses and food centres, clinics, hospital waiting areas etc.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

I wish to add that perhaps Yu-Kym's home, her parents and siblings and in her work plc - her ofc colleagues are noisy ppl. So the only way for her to have some peace is in public places like the lifts, buses, food centres, hospitals and clinics. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, "reality TV" is an oxymoron! :D

curious cat, my guess is that you don't have much artistic talent - that is why you love external stimuli.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so Yu-Kym...I cant say that I am even multi-talented. Some things I do well, some things I dont. But I get along pretty well in life that keeps me busy with many things. Out of 10 things in life an average person desires, I have achieved 9. And definitely these external stimuli doesnt do me any harm.

How's that for being contented and non-complaining even with TVs in public places! hah!

curious cat

Anonymous said...

I think you are deaf and old, Good for you that you that you have achieved 9 of 10 things in life, so what is it that you have not achieved?