Quality is not quantity

Most women I know enjoy trying the latest beauty products. This is good, that is good: I know they are just sharing what they know.

When a friend told me that a new facial product (Body Shop Drops of Youth Serum) was "good" and I suggested that I try it, I asked her, "What do you mean by good?" She was stunned by my question and stopped to think for a few seconds before saying, "I suppose it means it does not cause pimples and my skin does not feel oily after applying it."

I replied that I still have half a bottle of left of what I'm using (Estee Lauder Idealist), In fact, I am so happy with the results that I won't be switching to another brand. (I stick to the same product until it gets discontinued!) I don't mind paying double for certain facial products that work better for me.

I'd rather pay double for my usual products than pay half the price to try something new. The new product might not work for me and I would have wasted my money!

When I find something of good quality, I just pay the (comparatively higher) price. The good quality stuff last much longer as well. For example, bed sheets: The good quality bedsheets may cost twice as much as an inferior set but they last at least twice as long plus they are doubly comfortable to sleep on, therefore for $1 spent I get $2 worth of "value".

Of course not everything that I buy is of high quality. My furniture isn't. That's because I will leave my furniture behind if I move.

Some women buy very expensive bags because they believe they will stop buying new bags after buying an expensive one. Theoretically, that's right but in the practical sense... you know it never happens!


David said...


Most intersting post.

Based on only what you wrote here, our shopping habits are amazingly similar!


Anonymous said...

Whether it is expensive cosmetics, watches, designer clothes or bags, appliances or other items...what the heck! If one can afford it, and have good taste, why not flaunt what you have. Several more of what you already have only enhances your feel good factor. It doesnt hurt your happiness index.

So I say, buy more than one if you can afford it and live life the way u see fit for yourself! All without going overboard or overbearing of course. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

I think a large number of Singaporeans have gone overboard with their spending: those who are constantly complaining about prices of housing when own luxury items such as cars and accessories.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yu-Kym, these ppl may have the wrong priorities and lose a sense of reality of their decisions. Similar to the ones who complain about earning not enough to pay for the public housing utility or conservancy charges and yet own the latest iphone, ipad or flat screen tv.

And the numbers of these kind of ppl are not small. Yup!

curious cat