New year goals and resolutions 2012

I know it's way past the 1st of January but it's not too late to write my new year resolutions!

One common phrase that people use is "Life is short". I would rebuke that with "But it may be longer than you think".

While I believe that we should live in the present, I also believe that living responsibly today improves one's chances of living well tomorrow. Today can't be good if we did not do the right thing yesterday.

My goals are not different from those in 2010. (I did not write any for 2011). Some resolutions which I had back then now come easily to me without much conscious thought so those are removed. These are the things that I consciously need to do this year:

1. Work hard: Do my best at work, define and develop work processes, increase delegation of work, forge stronger relationships with clients.
2. Play hard: Do the things that I love such as going to nature spots, train hard, meet people (friends, ex-colleagues, new people, etc).
3. Eat well: Pack food to work more often, eat more vegetables, eat vitamins.
4. Sleep well: Sleeping before 10pm every day.

I plan to follow strict routine and timetables!

What are your goals and resolutions?

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Paul said...

I set goals and defer them to the next year if they are not successfully met this year.