Bangkok: 8 - 10 February 2012

As usual, my flight was delayed. When it was finally my flight's turn to take off, we were told that the plane before us might have caused some burns on the track so the ground crew would have to examine the runway before we could take off.

Coincidentally, I met my university course-mate (my senior) on the same flight. It was good to have some company while waiting to clear immigration.

My colleague and I decided to stay at Grand Diamond Suites Hotel which is just beside Platinum Mall.

I checked in at a different time from my colleague who went to meet her family. Strangely, the receptionist asked me to pay in full upon check in but made no such request to my Thai colleague. I insisted on paying upon check out and the receptionist showed me her black face.

The smallest room is a 45-square-meter Junior Suite at 2,800 THB per night. I found it rather spacious. The living room with kitchenette was useful for inviting someone to my room to work. The glass on the windows were thin. I could hear the traffic from the 22nd floor. 2-hour wifi to be used within 24 hours costs an additional 300B and there was no wired internet connection. The wifi broke down on the 2nd day from 8.30am till some time after 6pm so I couldn't fully utilise the 2-hour connection. No refund was offered. The suite was clean but looked dated. Given the whole-day malfunction of the wifi, my colleague commented that many things in this hotel needed upgrading.

Grand Diamond Suites Hotel

Breakfast was ok but nothing like the spread at Pullman King Power Bangkok we stayed at on our previous trip. That hotel isn't as accessible though. It's rather hard to get a taxi to agree to take us there or take us out.

Road-side sushi is not recommended

I walked to the BTS train station (closest one to the hotel is Ratchathewi) and took a train to Nana station to look for a tailor that I had used before. They quoted me 1400 B per long-sleeved blouse/shirt and later reduced the price to 1100 B (SGD45) but I found it still too expensive so I didn't tailor any. They used to charge 800 B (SGD32). For the price of one blouse, I can buy 4 dresses at Platinum Mall! Totally not worth making a blouse there.

I had dinner at a restaurant in Siam Paragon. I didn't like the food. The prawn cakes were too salty and the green curry was too thin and tasteless.

The star attraction there was a chocolate counter where fresh chocolate was made by the chocolate chefs there and small portions given out for free.

On the 2nd day I had Thai chicken rice for lunch. The rice and chicken are drier and not as oily as the Singapore version. The chilli is also different.

Thai chicken rice

Some shops at Platinum Mall sold the same things that they did half a year ago. I had wanted to buy a particular dress on my last trip when I didn't bring enough money. O this trip I (almost) didn't have enough money again. I had approximately SG$200 cash and US$300 traveller's cheques only. One of the ATM machines at the airport was out of order and I forgot to find another one. But I managed to cash a cheque at TMB bank money changing counter outside the mall (it is beside the 7-11). They charge THB 33 (SGD1.40) per cheque. Anyway, I managed to buy that dress :) The owner/salesperson was very friendly and helpful.

I bought the majority of my dresses from one particular shop. The owner/worker there wasn't trying to rip me off unlike at other shops where they sell things at higher prices to tourists. I bought the first 3 dresses for 250 B each. I went back to the hotel and tried them on. They fit well so I went back to buy another 7. I got a discounted price: 200 B each. I also bought from a friendly lady a long-sleeved shirt for 250 B which I tried on and my colleague said was nice (compare this to the 1100 B at the tailor with attitude!)

For my own reference and if you need to know, there are costume shops in the basement, on both ends of the building. You can get French maid, schoolgirl, policewoman, etc outfits there. They don't cum cheap though. The list price is about 800 - 1000 B (SGD32-45) but I think you can bargain. Photography is not allowed so I did not snap pictures.

If you like red and black dresses, this shop has a good range. It's located at Nathan 14 (817-831). The material is difficult to iron though (that's why I didn't buy any).

You must be aware of the flooding in Thailand a few months ago. This picture shows the flood level of one of the places I visited. At the highest water level, a person of average height would barely be able to keep his mouth and nose above water.

Flood water level

Across the road from the hotel and a short walk down, I patronised a massage place. The place was new and the massage was good. 1-hour traditional Thai massage costs 200 B.

Cat seated in a pot outside the massage place.

2 dog pals looking for food nearby.

Wifi wasn't working at the airport either.
No wifi

The food at the airport sushi bar was just ok. The sushi was fine but the fried noodles was too chewy.

There was no flight delay back to Singapore but I was stuck in traffic because of an accident near East Coast Park. I'm glad to be back and will try to enjoy my stay in Singapore for the next one week before I fly to Shanghai.


Paul said...

Looks good. It seems like Bangkok had recovered from the flood last year.

Anonymous said...

u are doing sales? Quite frequent travelling wor... :)

David said...


Bangkok appears to still be recovering from the floods.

No doubt the lack of WiFi shows that much of the electronic infrastructure is not repaired.

Where ever in Thailand internet and communication lines have major hubs likely sustained damage. Getting everything up and running normally will take time and money.

45sq/meters is a small suite.
Although your pictures show nice amenities.

I would not touch sushi sold in an open air kiosk. How many insects have already sampled the goods before someone purchases the sushi??


David said...


You left Bangkok at a good time.

Today an Iranian blew his own legs off in an explosion. The apartment he and four other Iranian's lived in also exploded.

Thai police found C-4, a very POWERFUL explosive with the Iranian's.

Most news agency's are speculating the Israeli embassy was going to be the target.

Keep in mind Bangkok is in your neighbourhood.

Keep safe and be vigilant.


Anonymous said...


It's ironic that you are concerned enough to advise Yu-Kym to keep safe and vigilant in Bangkok when you didnt voice your worry very nearly as much with her most recent solitary travel exploits namely:

1) Yu-Kym's lone trek deep into a remote deserted jungle waterfall in Indonesia. Surprised to find herself suddenly alone at the waterfall and then realising the potential danger to her safety, I believe she made a quick dip in her swimwear. But promptly out from the jungle came a group of men. She quickly beat a hasty retreat.

2) Landing in Bali airport at midnite, she loathed at the exorbitant cut-throat airport taxi fares. It was raining heavily and yet at that ungodly hour, she ventured out of the airport tugging her luggage hoping to catch a cheap taxi at the airport's periphery. Met up with what she deduced were taxi drivers in their batik uniforms. After bargaining a fare, she climbed in. Through the pouring rain in the middle of the night, she trusted the driver to bring her to a hotel whom she herself have no clue where it is. The driver asked her some questions about her travel plans and if she was alone. Apparently she thought she was cunningly smart by telling the driver that she has friends waiting for her at the hotel. She doesnt know that if there is anyone out to violate her that nite, her predictable fairy tale would have been laughed at and the taxi would have divert off the road with her. At midnite and in the pouring rain, who would have noticed her screams and come to her rescue? Worse still if she is driven straight to a group of the cab driver's friends who have nothing better to do. She would have been a most exciting plaything.

Now you tell me David, two different in Bangkok with a certain level of safety issues and the other two scenarios in Indonesia with an obviously higher and imminent danger. Why was your response to the latter so matter of fact to the effect that you are practically saying to's ok are a smart girl.. I'm sure you have something ready to ward off your attackers.... you know what you are are an intelligent girl.

What foolishness from two highly intelligent supposedly rationale ppl!

curious cat

David said...


I believe you have expressed the concerns that Yu-Kym's readers have for her safety.

What proctective measures does she take, does she have any self-defense skills. Ms. Loh wisely keeps such knowledge to herself.

An important aspect regarding security is not letting the bad guys know what measures you are capable of.

We also know Yu-Kym is a bit of a thrill seeker.

Whether she enjoys and gets any arousal from potential danger only Yu-Kym knows.

Perhaps when Yu-Kym grants you some of her precious personal time you can ask the indepth questions you state above!


Anonymous said...


I am amazed that you continue your blindness to Yu-Kym in terms of her recklessness! You are not doing her a good service but further encourage her with your mild reactions.

I look at Yu-Kym's pictures and I think she looks very child-like, puny size, weak and fragile to boot. She looks also very her late teens! And she is certainly not ugly and repulsive!

What defensive measures does she have that can ward off a determined sex maniac or a group of sex-deprived men? That is if she can even put those "defensive measures" to work to ward off her attackers in a sudden frenzied assault.

I am average size in terms of height, build and weight for an asian male. I can assure you that whatever black belt qualifications she has, it would be no problem for me to knock her out and have a good time with her...even without the aid of a weapon. If I can carry my 56kg gf and have sex standing with her, I can assure you the 40kg Yu-Kym is a cinch.

But I am not a sex maniac nor out to harm her. But to knock some sense into her when close associates of hers like David dont have that in them to do so.

I can think of a number of defensive or even attacking measures. But what good does it do for her to keep such defensive measures to herself when she is trapped alone in a deserted area with no help forthcoming and faced with daggers and knives? And if help ever comes, is it not too late? Not that advertising them even helps!!

We obviously know now Yu-Kym is a thrill seeker - and not just a bit David! Pls wake up to her extremities. If she doesnt get arousal from testing these potential dangers...what then does she derived from them?

Surely there must be something(s) that led to such manifestations of her behaviour and actions.

Is it because of some dark past - being bullied in school in view of her puny and fragile physical state or some other worse abuses from her boyfriends etc or had she repeatedly "survived" emotionally scarring relationships and therefore seeking releases from her risky exploits? Or is she unknowingly harbouring a deep-seated inherent psychotic imbalance in some remote areas of her cerebral lobes?

So I say it's not just only Yu-Kym who knows what's happening...sometimes she may not even know at all. So since she is in the public domain blog business about herself...wouldnt we love to know more about her? I relish the chance.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

The black & red dress looks like those type that party girls wear
Red kitty