What does a woman want when she invites a man to a hotel room?

I invited a friend to my hotel room because I couldn't find a smoke-free place to have drinks and the indoor places were too cold (it was raining). I have also shared a room with my male coursemate (we were students and were trying to cut cost for the vacation), and bunked in with another male friend when he was on a business trip. I did not have sex with any of these guys.

When a man invites a woman to a hotel room, his objective is certain. However, when a woman invites a man to her room or apartment, he should never assume it is an invitation to sex. Also, if a woman agrees to share a room with a man on a vacation and they split the cost, this is not an invitation to sex. Furthermore, even if the man pays for the room it does not mean he has her consent to have sex.


David said...


I am assuming you are speaking from personal experience.

Smokers of all ages must be more common in SG than Stateside.

Most business's of all types have small smoking areas, with casinos being the exception, they have more areas for smokers than non-smokers.

When you invite a man to a hotel room just for talking and drinking do you make at perfectly CLEAR and understood by your companion?

The type of hotel, classy or trashy also influences the intention.

A classy room, well lit with amenities speaks puts one in a different frame of mind when compared to a room where the bed is the center point.


Anonymous said...

i have invited ladies friend to share room with me without any intention to have sex, and we didnt have any finally. I also get invited to ladies room to over night without any sex too.


preed said...

Greater opportunities for them to spike your drink.

Anonymous said...

I agree with David. If you know there is room for assumption, you obviously clear out any potential confusion by talking about it. Hey, I asked you to my room, but I don't want to have sex. Any male friend worth his salt should accept and respect the defined boundary. If you don't trust him enough, it's obvious you should not even ask him over.

I've been invited a few times. Sometimes it's pure platonic, though usually it ends up in sex. Then again, all the ones that ended sexually were all dates, not a female friend. It's usually sufficient to read her intentions via body language and eye contact, but if not- talk about it. Quite straightforward.