Should I sleep less to meet a guy?

"Why don't you sleep less then you'll have time to meet me?" a guy suggested. Although it was a suggestion and he probably meant it as some kind of a joke, I took it rather seriously. The fact that the thought even crossed his mind was bad enough.

I know I sleep more than the average person. But what made him think I should sacrifice my sleep to meet him?

To provide some context to his question: He asked me out, I said I was going to be busy and will let him know when I'm available.

I don't know how anyone can think that a suggestion like that would make me want to make time to go out with him!


David said...


Should you sleep less to meet males?

NO, NO, not at all!

A poor suggestion and terrible advice.

I suspect most of us miss some sleep for special social events.

One has to consider what type of adult male, supposedly a mature type, would not value his own rest.

Working, travleing and socializing when one is consistantly sleep deprived can lead to poor decisions and choices.

I applaud your wise choice when choosing sleep.


Anonymous said...

Should one do the same if he is a guy?

ryini said...

I think it is just an off-the-cuff remark that guys spout that means nothing. But girls tend to take it seriously.