Moaning with an accent

My friend stayed at hotel at Genting Highlands, Malaysia. It's well-known that prostitutes will knock on the doors there offering their services. He told me that he heard a PRC moaning in the next room. I asked him how he could tell from the moaning that she was from PRC. "She was moaning with an accent," he said.

I've never heard accented moaning or grunting. Maybe I should start recording a collection and have a Guess the Nationality contest :D


Galvestini said...

Interesting. Now I'm picturing the whole "action".

David said...


Moaning with an accent!!! ???

That's new to me!

A claim like your friend made needs a little backing up.


ponflat said...

What he probably meant is that she did mouth words in Chinese.

I was in a hotel room once and the couple in the next was making out. I was dead tired and thought it was some young folks squealing outside the corridor

Teamey said...

If the prostitute goes by the trade name of Lisa, does that make her a Moaner Lisa?