Free SMS, MMS and phone calls on 23 and 24 Jan

In the past, people used to mail greeting cards. When e-cards came along, people were saying it was kind of cheapstake and insincere compared to snail mailed cards. (I think it was just the printing industry fighting back). But I found e-cards rather troublesome because I had to click on a link to open them and wait for the page to load (back then Internet was 14Kbps). When 56Kbps became more common, there were e-card with Flash animation. Flash animation was supposed to be a big deal but eventually it got irriating to have to wait for the animation to play out.

Then when almost everyone had a mobile phone and it cost close to nothing to send text messages, people gave up on e-cards and sent text messages instead. The more creative people would use numbers and alphabets to "draw" pictures in the messages. Next, people could send pictures and videos via MMS so they did. Now many people use WatsApp to send pictures and videos. I don't quite like pictures and videos. I prefer a personal message but not everyone is good at writing or bothers to take time to write one. Forwarding a message wholesale is the same as buying a card and writing at the top "Dear X" and signing at the bottom. I think it is lame to bother to send a card but not write anything else in it. Now people still do something similar: they forward messages without writing your name in it. But maybe it is still good that they bothered to forward it to you at all (well, it could been a mass message) and they didn't delete your phone number?

Although I believe that friends should be few but good, there are many people we should keep in touch with because we are human to want to feel a sense of belonging.

This year, people in Singapore can expect to receive more text messages than usual. Singtel subscribers will enjoy unlimited free SMS, MMS and phone calls on the 1st and 2nd days of the lunar new year. I intend to make full use of it :D Won't you?

I wish you a happiness, good health, good wealth and great sex this new year! ;)


David said...


A very Happy Year of the Dragon for you, your family and friends!