Checking in to a hotel room for drinks only

A guy asked me to go to a hotel with him. He said that we were just going there "for drinks". He claimed that it was more convenient and comfortable than going to a pub - and I would have my own toilet instead of having to queue and use a public one. Of course I wasn't dumb enough to believe him. The only type of drinks he would have in mind would be for me to milk myself a semen drink!

A woman believed a man when he told her that they were going to a hotel just to "kiss only", as reported in the news today. The women had met the man before in a public place where he tried to do more than just kiss her. So what made her think that he would not try more in a private room?

I don't think she's stupid. Maybe she's lonely. Anyway, he raped her. But, really, what did she expect?


Theodore said...

Do u believe if i said the same? hsshaa

Yu-Kym said...

No :/ You won't come up with such an idea if you are in the right state of mind.

BrengSek said...

My ex-collegue... Take PRCs to hotel to watch TV... Or bath together... That's what he says... Hee hee hee... (",)

David said...


Your post demonstrates to everyone reading here that common sense is very uncommon.

The women, as you stated is either very lonely, desperate for affection and perhaps not the brightlest bulb.

You possess uncommon knowledge and analytical skills.

Raping the the women is a crime, the male just a violent criminal, and there will always be such males to take advantage, with force, of the less smart women in this world.


Cristeen said...

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Anonymous said...

@Jan 20, 2012 1951
And who better to protect these poor damsels than the somewhat eloquent David Kor Kor? I applaud you! For stating the obvious! It takes a true man of great courage to stand up and write with such pomp and grandeur!