Bali is rich! 5-hour fireworks!

I spent New Year's eve in Bali, Indonesia. I had a view of the fireworks display, that stretched from Kuta beach to Legion beach, from the corridor of my hotel. After a 15 minutes, I got tired of watching and went back to my room. It was impossible to get any sleep because the fireworks started at 9pm, I think, and didn't stop till 2am! 

2 years ago, I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia for the new year. A hotel there had their own fireworks display that lasted long enough for me to get tired of watching too, though it didn't last as long as the one in Bali.

I can't help but wonder how much was spent on fireworks and better uses for that money. But maybe it is money that is spent to attract tourists who would bring more tourist dollars than dollars spent on the fireworks. In Singapore, people flock to watch the National Day fireworks display which usually lasts for about half an hour. Apparently, Bali and a hotel in Cambodia have higher budets for fireworks than Singapore. 

I wish you a wonderful year of happiness and good health! But wishing it to you really doesn't help. You will still have to work for happiness and good health!


Anonymous said...

Those firework sound like bombs.

Yu-Kym said...

You were at Bali too?

Louis said...

I think in general fireworks don't cost much. But the onces we use during ndp cost alot because it's supposed to be "BRANDED" and follows tons of safety requirements...

David said...


Bali is famous for being an exotic destination and on New Years Eve one would expect a really WOW fire works display.

5 hours is likely a bit much. Did you get any responses from other tourist about the lonnnnnggg firework endurance event?