Your body odour says it all

I wrote about sexual chemistry and the use of scent to determine suitable mating partners.

A recent study has shown that:
- people sweat gives off personality clues (such as whether they are anxious, outgoing or dominant, etc),
- people are able to make judgments about other people based on how they smell.

I've smelled body odour that make me feel faint and also body odour that doesn't make me run away. It's not body odour per se that is a turn off but what the scent reveals about the person that's a turn off.

If you're afraid of revealing too much through your scent, you may want to use deodorant and perfume. But I think it's best to stay honest. If someone's not going to like you, it's better to find out sooner than later.


peter said...

appreciation of body odor is similar to knowing a fine wine, it takes time and experience. you must taste bad wines to know and truly appreciate a good one. having a wide and varied experience makes you a conesuer.

David said...


You are on to something here. Several articles recently touched similar topics.

One related on how women have to be choosy when selecting a perfume. Nearly every perfume reacts differently with each individual. A scent that is wonderful on one women, might be almost unpleasant on another.

Body odours that make one feel faint are most likely the product of very poor hygiene.