Tattoo-collecting could cost you your life

I've met some divers who collect tattoos as souveniors in the countries they visit. They will proudly point to each tattoo on their body and tell you in which country they got it.

Then there are people who enjoy collecting "friendship" tattoos. E.g. when they travel overseas together with your friends, they want to remember (and they want you to remember) it. One of my friends made such a request before but the rest of us (including me) said NO.

Of course, some people simply like tattoos. The designs overseas may be unique and the tattoo artist may be very skilful so that's why they want to get it done there.

A tourist contracted HIV after getting a tattoo in Bali, Indonesia.

Souvenior-collecting, friendship, vanity or whatever isn't worth the risk of contracting HIV!


David said...


I talked with a niece and nephew, both doctors, and they stated your doctors treatment of flu, with an anti-biotic for an undiagnosed, GI or genital infection is not ethical nor indicated. Your doctor might be padding the bill at your expense.

Treating with antibiotics that are not indicated increase resistance of your resident flora to the antibiotic. This treatment also might increase your sensitivity to the drug and might cause a future allergic reaction.

I recommend avoiding this doctor and reporting him/her to SGs health ministry.

Do get well and enjoy some time with family and friends.