SPG, CFM, CMI at Zoukout

SPG's, CFM- and CMI-faces galore at Zoukout. People puking, wasted, peeing in the bushes. What's new? There were some pretty/sexy girls photographed there. I can understand why guys would pay $88 to see girls prancing around in their bikinis but surely the girls who paid to go there are not very smart to have forked out $88 for the tickets? I hope their tickets were sponsored.

Come to think of it, even if it's free, I won't go.

See pictures here


Anonymous said...

Those girls are sex workers

David said...


Based on your statement, you had to ask one of the girls pictured what they were doing at the party.

Anonymous said...

May I ask what is CFM?

Hot gal said...

A friend asked me why I was not at the party of the year and instead home alone? I "should" be out having fun! Are you @?#%*£~ kidding me? Having sweaty stinky bodies rubbing their odour all over me, even if I'm being paid, no way way am I going!
Kym, I think the girls there need validation, that they are hot! You don't need that ;-)