My $230.78 Stinktel Bill Shock


Stinkel is well-reputed for lack of system integration and proper record-keeping, resulting overcharging and bill shocks. I'm a victim!

I had deactivated my 3G service a long time ago (I didn't even want to receive MMS because I had to pay exhorbitant rates for it).

Because of the 11 Nov 2011 (11/11/11) promotion that offered $1 per month for 200MB of data, I re-activated my 3G and signed up for the $1 per month data plan add-on.

So Stinktel re-activated my 3G but did not activate the $1 per month plan. This resulted in pay-per-use 3G data charge of $175.26 for 34.2MB of data (i.e. $5 for 1MB - I told you it was exhorbitant).

(The other charges in the bill, not shown, are correct).

I called Stinkel's billing department. The person said that she does not see any record of the $1 promotional rate in the system. I said I placed the order on and I have a receipt showing the $1 promotion confirmed.

Anyway, she checked with someone else and later assured she will reverse the charge and asked me not to worry. I wouldn't be surprised if the reversal of the charge is magically not reflected in the next bill and magically disappears from their system along with the traces of my call to them.

It would take me months to use up the $175.26 when they deduct it and then (if and when) reverse it. It'd be best for me to cancel the auto-deduction from my credit card. But I have to call Stinktel to remove the auto-payment. I wonder how long they would take to do that? Till the next billing cycle? I'm still screwed :/


David said...


Another way of describing the Stinktel bill is legalized robbery.

With two android phones my wife and I pay $128.00 USD for unlimited voice calls, texting and downloads. The plan bundles the most desired and frequently used cell services.

Stinktel does not offer any bundled plans?

I hope you can get your money back !


supernova said...

Subscribe to data plan is the most economical.

Yu-Kym said...

I have a data plan for 200MB per month at $1 per month (see 2nd picture). Stinktel missed it out.

Anonymous said...

This is very similar types of service that we receive over here in my country. Every staffs just feel like 'well, it's none of my business. it's the war between my employer (stinktel) and direct customers' so they do not bother to go a step further in helping end users to get the justice done.
but just surprisingly, i thought singapore is a better society. now it just proves to be the SAME everywhere! human...


Anonymous said...

Singapore is called Con-You-pore for many reasons.